• Western investors — focus is primarily Global Emerging Markets fixed income and other investment instruments with particular focus in Frontier markets, where the founders and investments specialists of InMaq Capital have professional experience, local expertise and presence. The Eurasian branch is based in Astana International Financial Center of Kazakhstan, the heart of Eurasia, leading economy in Central Asia, now part of Eurasian Economic Union (together with Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia), neighboring with Central Asia and China. The specialists of InMaq Capital have access to state and private sectors of Kazakhstan and the region (CIS, China, Eastern Europe, Middle East).
  • Kazakhstan/CIS investors – fund provides exposure to global markets, including North and Latin American investments (bonds and equities), so investors benefit from knowledge and access the fund managers have.

Asset Management
InMaq Capital will manage assets in Kazakh/Eurasian investment projects in cooperation with strategic partners with solid expertise.

The Fund provides financing (bonds and equities) for the projects or companies in Kazakhstan/Eurasian Region and provides wealth management services.

Production and Distribution of Branded Consumer Products
The Fund also works on the development and promotion of the existing product line and brands owned by the Group by establishing and expanding distribution channels in Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Region.